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Custom Roll Forming Engineering, Design & Quality

International Rollforms custom roll forming capabilities combine expert knowledge with sound design solutions. International Rollforms Inc. has an in-house tooling facility and experienced roll forming personnel to develop cost effective designs for a new or existing part that may eliminate costly secondary operations.

International Rollforms provides custom roll forming that adheres to strict quality systems and standards to ensure quality parts that meet your precise tolerances. Our modern equipment coupled with our extensive roll forming knowledge yields a quality product that won't be comprised.Roll form In Die ssembly. One stroke of the press produces one assembled rollformed latch.

In Die Assembly

Innovative progressive tool design feeds two raw material strips into one die, which automatically stamps out and assembles the mating parts. One stroke of the press produces one assembled rollformed latch.


Rollforms equiptment and tooling designHigh Production Equipment and Tooling Design

High volume item runs on our most productive line. Sophisticated pre-punch die, together with our high-speed programmable servo feeder, produces a family of 5 parts (different punching patterns) without any die changeover. Line down time is virtually eliminated, due to the use of raw material accumulator and coil end joining technology.

International Rollforms can fill all of your custom roll forming and roll formed part(s) requirements.


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Rollforming and Roll formed Manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Utah
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