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Privacy Statement International Rollforms Inc.

International Rollforms Incorporated is a company that respects the privacy of the users of the International Rollforms Incorporated website.  We recognize and acknowledge the vital importance of continuously protecting the privacy of our web visitors.

Any information that is collected by International Rollform Incorporated is used solely for the purposes of service improvements and/or the improvement of the International Rollform Incorporated website.  We do not share information with third parties and we do not harvest information for selling to third parties at any time.  If contacted by you via email communication about International Rollform Incorporated’s services, we will promptly respond to you.  We may, at times, also contact you to announce website updates and to provide you with relevant information pertaining to our services.  International Rollforms Incorporated reserves the right to store your information for future use and reference.

Cookies use International Rollforms Inc

International Rollforms Incorporated relies on the use of temporary/session third party cookies for the process of tracking web visitor traffic patterns throughout our web pages.  We utilize the traffic patterns which detects web visitor activity to later be assessed for web site improvement purposes.  We do not correlate personal data with the website cookies we track at any time.  You can fully review the International Rollforms Incorporated Privacy Notice as well as our third party statistical collection information here.

The cookies collected by International Rollform Incorporated are generally accepted via automated processes.  You possess the ability to set your personal browser to advise you when cookies are being collected so that you can opt to refuse cookies storage.  You should also be aware that if cookies are disabled it may inhibit your ability to explore certain parts of the International Rollforms Incorporated website.

The cookies collected by International Rollform Incorporated gather specific information including browser type, IP address referrer statistics and other statistical information. This information is gathered and assessed using an application that relies on an anonymous aggregation method of processing so that traffic patterns can be more readily identified.

International Rollforms Incorporated and Information Collection

international Rollforms Incorporated purposefully gathers specific information from web visitors for the use of statistical analysis.  We do not work with third parties nor sell information to anyone at anytime.  International Rollforms Incorporated does not supply any information gathered to external marketing groups or companies at any time. At International Rollform Incorporated your privacy is completely valued and respected.

Links on the International Rollforms Inc website

International Rollforms offers a variety of links to different websites and International Rollforms maintains no responsibility for any practices or Privacy Statement belonging to websites, which it links to.

Agreement - use of Rollforming/Rollforming website

Through the use of the International Rollforms website, you agree to consent to the collection of information by International Rollforms for the purposes advised above.  If any changes to this Privacy Policy occur, it will be included on this page.  As a user of the International Rollforms website, you are solely responsible for reviewing the International Rollforms Privacy Policy periodically to check for any new information and updates.

International Rollforms encourages you to contact the company with concerns, queries, questions, and comments.  You can also request removal from our list if you do not desire to receive unsolicited material.   International Rollforms can be contacted at:

International Rollforms Incorporated
P.O. Box 5426  
 Deptford, NJ 08096
Phone: 856.228.7100  
•  Fax: 856.228.3126
Toll Free: 1.800.221.8655

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