Rollforming Parts and Roll forming Shapes – Effective Metals & Material Choices for Rollforming

Roll Forming/Rollforming Parts & Shapes - Range of Materials

International Rollforms uses many different materials in our metal roll forming process to manufacture a wide variety of roll formed parts and shapes. Most metals can be Rollformed. Complex roll form parts and shapes can be made from basic cold roll steel to pre-coated material to vinyl-laminated material with little complication.

Comprehensive material knowledge from over 35 years experience in the custom rollforming field allows us to provide you with the best choice of metals for your rollformed parts and shapes. With this knowledge, we will aid you in developing a more sound design solution.

Roll Forming Parts & Shapes - Range of Materials

Range of Materials Used for Roll Formed Parts and Shapes:

Coated, uncoated, ferrous, nonferrous, in mild to ultra-high strength steels from .005 stainless steel 1/4 hard, to electrolytic tough pitch full hard copper, to 70/30 brass to carbon steel 7 ga. high strength/low allow 60 ksi min. yield to martensitic steel 160 ksi min. yield.

Effective Material Choices for Rollforming Effective Material Choices for Rollforming

An economically priced fence post for the retail consumer market was realized through a reduction of material content per part. In a cooperative effort between International Rollforms, Inc. and one of our steel vendors, a high strength hot dipped galvanized steel product (80 ksi min. yield) was developed with forming characteristics sufficient to make the part without cracking or peeling.


Rollformed Automotive Intrusion BeamAutomotive Intrusion Beam Rollformed

Ultra-high strength martensitic steel produces a lightweight structural member for automotive door panels.

These area couple of Rollforming examples of some of the products available that can be custom designed to meet your needs for roll formed parts.


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