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Roll Forming/ Rollforming The Advantages

Roll forming is a process that forms a continuous metal strip with roller dies into a desired shape. Roll formed parts can have a variety of shapes, angles, and curves. Rollforming can be used to form all kinds of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The ability to roll form different types of metals allows the end manufacturer multiple options to design products that best fit specific Roll form needs.

The roll forming process is somewhat flexible. Certain design changes may strengthen and improve the functionality of your roll formed parts. Rollforming allows numerous other processes to be performed while the material is being formed. International Rollform can eliminate multi-secondary work with our in-line capabilities. These roll forming advantages allows International Rollforms to produce many parts that would not be possible in other types of manufacturing operations. Below are a few examples of cost effective conversations from other processes that International Rollforms has performed.

stamping and Extrusion rollform parts, lower cost and time savedStamping to Rollform

A metal stamping that required 3 operations using 3 presses and 3 operators producing 250 parts per hour was converted to a roll formed part employing 1 operator producing 50 parts per minute, saving time and lowering production cost.

Extrusion to Rollform

A costly aluminum extrusion requiring slow secondary punching that could not meet demand was converted to a pre-punch roll formed part using hot dipped galvanized steel. Increased part strength was obtained while costs were reduced by more than half.

International Rollforms welcomes an opportunity to show you the many advantages of Roll forming over your present method. We will work together to achieve cost reductions and improve quality for your products through the most advantageous Roll form processes.

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